September 29, 2023


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Why You Should Consider Becoming a Freelancer 

Why You Should Consider Freelancing as a Career or Side Hustle | by Good  Advice Publishing | Good Advice Publishing | Medium

There are multiple reasons why one would want to become a freelancer – but we will be sharing some of the best reasons why you should consider switching careers towards freelancing ventures.

Being Your Own Boss

 Let us start with the most essential and valuable reason why. If you have ever worked with people you do not like or have dealt with unreasonable issues at a workplace; freelancing might just be a better alternative. Through freelancing, you will never have to worry about working with a control-freak management; no more getting told off for being late when delivering work, etc. In other words, you are the master of your own career and that can be a great feeling to dwell in.

Putting an End to Office Politics

Unfortunately, there are many offices that are heavily immersed in office politics that have a horrible habit of making people feel incredibly miserable. There are many workers who have often said that it is one of the worst parts of their job – the consistent need to have to play for favour between competing teams and managers, leaving them mentally and emotionally exhausted to do anything productive at work. The silver lining to it though, is that once you start working freelance, you can bid office politics goodbye for good.

Choosing Projects You Want to Work on

One of the best things about choosing freelancing is that you can work with people who do not annoy you.

If you have ever worked in an organization, you will find certain clients that will make you work on unnecessary things, leach your productive energy, and will have unreasonable requests – some of which are not even possible to work but you will have to in such a business environment. But if you head on to a freelance career approach, you will not have to deal with this. Being a freelancer allows you to work with people you can effectively communicate with and on projects that you personally like working on.

No More Unpaid Overtime

Companies have policies where they tell you how salaried employees are expected to hand in their free time for absolutely no compensation simply because they are salaried. No matter how many extra hours you put into your work, you simply will not be paid for your additional efforts.

This logic does not apply once you start doing freelance work. When you work, you earn and you can charge your clients with the proper amount and if they do not pay, you can simply stop working.

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