Review: ‘The Tax Collector,’ with Shia LaBeouf, is atrocious

Poisonous macho vitality permeates writer-director David Ayer’s hottest South Los Angeles-established shoot-‘em-up, “The Tax Collector,” a viciously exploitative massacre that regurgitates the damaging picture of Latino persons still so pervasive in media.

Honor-sure enforcer David (Bobby Soto), whose work within just his family members-run felony corporation is to assure subordinate factions spend their dues, drives the hackneyed plot riding along with Creeper — Shia LaBeouf’s just about risible interpretation of a induce-content, sadistic henchman. Inspite of an implied brotherhood, the bond among the two feels distant from that of the cops in “End of Observe,” probably Ayer’s best directorial effort

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