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Async Art Redefines Music NFTs By Launching Music Blueprints | News

No-code-needed, premiere NFT creation tool enables cryptoartists and musicians such as Maelstrom, Terra Naomi, and David Bianchi to engage with fans and collectors in an industry-changing fashion.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Async Art, the premier platform for creating, collecting and selling programmable and generative NFT projects, today announced the launch of Music Blueprints. This is a music and audio-enabled iteration of the successful visual Blueprint feature, which launched in 2021 and has enabled top-selling artists like XCOPY, Sabet, and many others to collectively generate over $23M in gross sales. Async’s Blueprint allows the everyday artist to make their own multi-edition NFT collection in the same vein as BAYC, Azuki, and Cryptopunks without having to learn to code or hire developers.

Music Blueprints enables musicians to generate multiple unique songs from a single source and Async Art is debuting brand-new music collections to showcase the full capability of the platform: Music NFTs that are interactive, innovative, and built for future-facing utility.

With the increased dialogue of artists struggling to make a sustainable living while major labels and streaming services dominate the distribution and publishing channels, this new form of creating affordable music collectibles and allowing NFT collectors to directly come in and interact with a song is a revolutionary step in rebuilding the direct relationship between the artist and music fan. Collectors now become active participants by creating their own personalized songs as they mint 1 random version out of thousands of potential combinations – the parameters all pre-uploaded by the artist. There are rarity traits and gamification innately built into the minting mechanism, complete with downloadable audio packs for collectors and fans to create their own iterations with the more Music Blueprints they purchase.

“Songs in Web 2.0 have been relegated to background music on impersonal algorithmic playlists,” said Achilleas Sarantaris of Async Art. “Async’s Music Blueprints aim to restore that relationship and reward both fans and artists for their passions by creating personalized musical experiences while breaking down technological barriers for creators of all backgrounds.”

Here are all three launch Music Blueprints:

“JANUS” by Maelstrom & Ipno

The first Async Blueprints drop happens on June 2nd, at 11am PT from Async musician Maelstrom & graffiti artist Ipno. Rightly inspired and named after the Greek God of beginnings and change, “JANUS” has 75,000 potential unique combinations but only 250 versions will exist.

With each newly minted Music Blueprint, the song takes a new shape and gains a new face on the album artwork which symbolizes the gradual reveal of an entire collection of unheard techno beats.

In addition, the artists will allow creators to download the Stems of their Music Blueprints from Async’s site to encourage fans to create even more remixes of the original track.

“H0m3w0rk” by Weinbagz, Terra Naomi, Pop Wonder, Tania del Rio, Hilton Wright II, SoulCurryArt, and Zachary Winterton

“H0m3w0rk” is a collaborative audio-visual made by a collective of passionate artists and is launching on June 7th, 10am PT. This project has more than 700 million possible combinations, and will only allow 4,777 Music Blueprints to be minted. Alongside the audio-visual artwork, collectors will be given full, non-exclusive, commercial rights to the original music in their NFTs.

Lots of careful details are embedded within this collection, as the album artists specifically created artwork that matched the variants of the music, e.g. A skeleton playing saxophone on the visuals will only appear if a saxophone track is playing in the unique version.

“Senses” by David Bianchi, PLS&TY, and Dogan Demir

Acclaimed spoken word poet David Bianchi is launching his “Senses” Music Blueprint on June 9th at 3pm PT. Each Blueprint contains original poems, each written and performed by Bianchi, with an accompanying musical score produced by PLS&TY and a generative fractal art visual coded by artist Dogan Demir. There will be 384,000 combinations with only 1,000 Blueprints allowed to be minted.

“I see this Blueprint series becoming an immersive audiovisual experience for audience members to wrap themselves within; to listen, experience, feel and heal,” Binachi told Async in an interview. “Each NFT will be a marriage of a music layer with multiple visual layers and one audio poetry layer. The Music Blueprints technology (based on how we arrange the rarities) will choose how often these poems appear in the collection and how.”

As creators navigate the second year of NFTs in the mainstream and the market grows more saturated with static digital art, artists and platforms are seeking an edge to express themselves, incorporate cutting-edge technology, and connect in a meaningful way to their fans. Given the rapid evolution of the Web3 space, Music Blueprints have been developed with future proofing in mind and will be available to the everyday creator on June 13, 2022. To learn more about Async Music Blueprints, visit https://async.art/blueprints?category=music.

About Async Art

Async Art is a new art and music revolution built on the blockchain. It allows users to create, collect, and trade interactive, programmable art and music that are independently owned and controlled: the users becoming part of the artwork and/or music themselves. Since late 2021, they have launched their generative Blueprints feature and have since grossed $29M in total sales.

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SOURCE Asynchronous Art, Inc.