September 24, 2023


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Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez sent cruel tweets

A best legislation expert shared a screenshot of Vasquez and accused the superstar attorney of “sucking up to male power”.

A top legislation professor has been blasted for creating “offensive and disparaging” tweets about Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

Stanford Legislation College pro Michele Dauber took to Twitter previous Thursday, sharing a screenshot of Ms Vasquez and accusing the superstar attorney of “sucking up to male power”, the New York Submit documented.

“Of all the ladies who suck up to male energy, women of all ages legal professionals are the absolute worst of the bunch,” Prof Dauber wrote.

“Desperate to prove they are ‘real lawyers’ and being familiar with that staying a lady undermines their identification as legal professionals, they toss gals less than the bus as tricky and quick as they can.”

The Submit has arrived at out to Prof Dauber and the Stanford Legislation Faculty for comment.

In the course of Johnny Depp’s blockbuster defamation demo versus ex-spouse Amber Read, Ms Vasquez turned a house title. Footage of the glamorous attorney grilling Heard on the stand – contacting her a liar and voraciously defending Depp versus claims of abuse – went viral on social media.

Ms Vasquez was commonly praised for her cross-assessment of Heard and was even promoted to husband or wife at her legislation agency last week next Depp’s decisive victory in the case.

Nonetheless, Prof Dauber – who teaches at the prestigious Stanford Regulation University – clearly uncovered Ms Vasquez’s overall performance persuasive, tweeting out her scathing criticism very last Thursday.

The professor was instantly criticised for her harsh words about Ms Vasquez, with one particular follower replying: “If your son was falsely accused of domestic violence, I guess you would enjoy for that girl to enable vindicate him.”

Prof Dauber subsequently snapped back: “If my son was accused of DV [domestic violence] he would have a large amount much more to fear about than some Decide Me Lady lawyer. But that is not likely to happen simply because I did not elevate a f***ing rapist spouse beater.”

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Prof Dauber also shared many other screenshots demonstrating feminine legal professionals pictured with male celebs who have been accused of abuse, together with Harvey Weinstein’s defence attorney, Donna Rotunno.

Numerous folks objected to Prof Dauber’s inflammatory tweets, with numerous mocking the Stanford academic.

“Obviously women of all ages need to have to get approval from Michele just before they determine who to represent. Michele is the person who receives to make a decision all the options for all other women of all ages, seemingly,” just one quipped.

“I’m sorry, Michele, I believed we comprehended that everybody is entitled to quality counsel in matters of the law. Unless of course you think women of all ages just can’t give quality counsel. It’s possible which is what you’re complaining about?” another wisecracked.

The professor has continuously tweeted out the hashtag “#IStandWithAmberHeard” a number of periods and says she’s gained loss of life threats after criticising Vasquez on social media.

Prof Dauber tweeted her disdain for Depp more than the study course of his six-week defamation demo, even hitting headlines for professing Depp’s renowned film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean was racist.

Meanwhile, Ms Vasquez hasn’t responded to Prof Dauber’s remarks.

The legal eagle is very likely to be too chaotic grappling with her new superstar position.

Ms Vasquez – who set on an affectionate display screen with Depp in the courtroom, which prompted some to fantasise they would commence dating – claims her new-located fame is “overwhelming”.

Meanwhile, it was uncovered Thursday that the attorney will surface in an approaching docuseries about the Depp v. Heard circumstance, cementing her star position.

This story was at first posted by the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission.